Stourton Caundle

Stourton Caundle is a tranquil Dorset village – enjoyed by locals, passers by, and holidaymakers.

Though four centuries of change, The Trooper Inn has continued to serve as the hub of the community.

  • The Caundles

    The Caundles

    Stourton Caundle is one of several settlements in the area to bear the name "Caundle". Sir Henry de Haddon bought land and founded a manor here in 1202, and the resultant settlement was called "Caundel Haddon" or "Caundle Haddon". In 1461 the manor passed to the Stourton family.
  • A Gory Story

    A Gory Story

    The original manor (now gone) is reputed to have been known as Stourton Castle where, in 1557, Lord Charles Stourton ordered his servants to murder two men and their bodies were hidden in the cellar. Stourton (and four of his servants) were executed at Salisbury market place.
  • A More Pleasant Tale

    A More Pleasant Tale

    Manor Farm, from the 17th century, is opposite The Trooper Inn.
    In the 1950s it was owned by Enid Blyton and provided the setting and inspiration for her book 'Five on Finniston Farm' - part of the Famous Five series.
  • Peace and Poetry

    Peace and Poetry

    'At Peace day, who but we should goo
    To Caundle vor an hour or two...'wrote William Barnes, following the Battle of Waterloo. Barnes was a contemporary of Thomas Hardy and was born in the local village of Bagber where his 'Girt Woak Tree' still stands.
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The Trooper Inn was long ago known as the Catherine Wheel.
In the early 19th century, the pub was used as a signing-on point for soldiers heading for the Napoleonic Wars and became known as The Trooper Inn.
Many of the existing cottages in Stourton Caundle date from around that time.

The parish church is of interest with its thirteenth-century nave and chancel, and fourteenth-century tower.

Present Day

Today Stourton Caundle is a thriving village community with its own magazine – The Stourton Caundler.

Stourton Caundle also has its own village website, from which some of the above information was gratefully borrowed.

Opening Hours

Wednesdays 6pm to 8pm-ish
Fridays 6pm to 8pm-ish
Saturdays 12.30pm to 8pm-ish
Sundays 12.30pm to 5pm-ish

Kitchen Times

Wednesdays - Village Hot Pot
6pm to 8pm-ish
Fridays - Fish & Chips
6pm to 8pm-ish
Saturdays - Burger Day
12.30pm to 2.30pm and 6pm to 8pm
Sundays - Roast Lunch
1pm to 4pm-ish

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Phone: 01963 362405
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